Mesmerizing effects

If you want add something fresh and impressive to your show, ask our creative team and we will be happy to amuse both you and your guests with things that seems to be familiar to us. One of our projects was a preparation for bank's anniversary, in particular, it was '200th anniversary of the first Austrian savings bank'.

The idea was to hide the stage from guests in the front part of the concert hall. The floating deep blue curtain was creating a true enigmatic and mysterious atmosphere. The combination of semi-matte panels and enormous strips installed in two layers made it possible to ensure that no one could see anything through decorated wall of fabrics. And then came the moment of triumph. With the use of just one button, a spectacular curtain was opened. This simple trick managed to impress the audience with its beauty and surprise. Looking up the public was watching movements of the curtain and the final phase - fall of fabrics in pre-programmed sequence due to unique system of deployment. Astonishing effect from revealing impressive ceiling and stage caused a storm of applause, which was a perfect and natural way to greet the orchestra ready to perform.

Floating Weightlessness

If you want to fill in the space without heavy elements in decorations, we know a perfect solution for it. It's the weightless lightest silk in the world.

This development and thousands of creative variations for using technology of soaring fabrics make it possible for us to bring the most unusual and interesting projects to reality. For the legendary French Louis Viutton fashion house we developed a stage with the use of this technology. The audience was fascinated by the magical movements of the fabric floating above the stage.

Original solutions for the stages

Our clients very often are conservative events and venues, and their main goal is to fascinate guests but using stable and tested products while maintaining all the rules and regulations at the same time. For such cases we develop individual design solutions. One of these clients is State Kremlin Palace, for which we managed to solve a task of making something new and memorable for the stage. A special system of curtain opening with the use of exclusive metallized materials allowed audience to feel like being immersed in magic.

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