Museums and public spaces

Each space has its own story and we will help you tell about it. With our projects, we have proven that multimedia entertainment can take place in places that no one even suspected, and that people like to find something really new. Thanks to innovative technologies, we create thematic, exciting places with many secrets that need to be discovered and which help to awaken the human imagination. We help revitalize an empty public space in order to bring people together, to create new connections and create conditions for memories that will last a lifetime. We are constantly experimenting with new ways to revitalize the public environment - from city streets and festival venues - to airports and parking lots. We believe that exciting multimedia entertainment can build social solidarity, bring people together and at the same time give the world surprise and admiration. Our studio is always happy to be able to make a new turn in public place, breathe fresh energy into space, attract a new audience and cause smiles on people's faces. By working with our clients, we help them create excitement, attract media attention around the world, and make urban identity innovative.




Art studios and event-companies

Our studio works as an independent performer, and in collaboration with event organizers. When we are asked to become part of a team and help with the show, we always guarantee our full commitment at every stage of the journey - from the first conceptual sketches to raising the curtain. This is a huge, coordinated team effort that requires flexibility, adaptability and ingenuity. We are ready for absolutely everything - from the weather, to creative changes at the last minute and completely unexpected events.





The main task for theaters at all times was impressing and inspiring the audience. Representing a synthesis of various types of arts - literature, choreography, music, vocals, visual arts and others, the development of the Theater has always been inseparable from the development of society and the state of culture - the prevalence of various artistic trends in the Theater and its role in the Theater were associated spiritual life of the country. Due to the development of technologies and materials, the modern approach to theatrical productions began to be modernized and updated. Today, in order to leave an unforgettable impression on the audience, special solutions are needed. Each new task is an individual approach that helps to tell a story and arouse imagination. It is our profession and our passion to take stories and make them as possible as possible. We find new ways to attract an audience and deliver an unexpected, unforgettable experience.




Special events

Special events and ceremonies are large - scale projects with an original approach and the goal of fully reflecting the main idea and style of the event. These are months of hard work and intense joint creative efforts aimed at creating one magnificent, radiant moment. We have the skills, talent and extensive experience in various fields and industries to cope with any project task. Our multidisciplinary team helps to expand creative opportunities, seeks ideas and opportunities for the introduction and implementation of innovations, which will help deliver maximum emotions to the viewer.




Arenas, stadiums, venues

There is nothing more exciting than the joy of spectators in a stadium. This feeling, like no other, is a unique human electricity that awakens something deep inside us. We like to work with this energy, direct the emotional collective power of the crowd and strengthen the charge you receive. Inside and outside the stadium, we develop, inspire the intensity of these feelings and maintain adrenaline. We know very well how to use space to create a powerful and exciting emotional explosion. Our interactive multimedia environments with exciting effects take entertainment and games to the next level. We deliver impressive installations that enhance the individual feeling of each person present and implement impressive shows that make the audience part of the action taking place in the hall. We turn space into an adaptive environment that fills with creative energy and gives people a sense of immersion in magic.

Concert and musical shows

Concerts have turned into complex performances that deeply immerse the audience in the creative imagination of the artist. Our studio helps to find the essence of musical vision, bring it to life on stage and see its connection with the world audience. We love working with artists and their creative staff. Our experienced, multidisciplinary creative team is ready to help increase productivity and take the concert to a new level, using modern technology, inventing something completely unique. We offer a full range of services, from ideas to the implementation of concert tours. We are experts in maximizing the dramatic and emotional impact of each song, reinforcing the vital connection between the artist and the audience that makes an amazing show. Our work helps to strengthen the artist’s personality, mobilize fans, create public excitement and conduct unforgettable tours that people will always remember.




Bringing attention to the brand

The digital revolution puts tremendous pressure on the retail sector to enjoy shopping. People need compelling new reasons to visit the store in person. We are experts in adding experimental value to the artificial environment. Our multimedia environments create a clear sense of place; help revitalize the space with dynamic content; add new dimensions to brand expressions; and attract people with playful, fun, unexpected interactivity. We create reliable, flexible, dynamic installations that are designed to maximize impact with minimal maintenance. From seasonal shows that become a classic holiday program, to constantly updated content programs, specific installations that create unique spaces that attract a new audience.




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